"It's a family affair"

The 2023 National Convention is designed to bring families together, from across the country, to train, inspire and celebrate our 2A bond. The weekend promises to highlight our successes and forge a path forward, as we fight to keep and bear arms, for home and personal protection. 

The beautiful Georgia International Convention Center will host our 3-day convention. You can expect like-minded members, coming together, under one roof to learn and train together. There will be live music, dancing, give-a-ways, and lots of opportunities to network. 

This year also features three signature events, The President's Gala (A Black-Tie Event) on Friday evening, Family Night at the Aquarium on Saturday evening and Bullets & BBQ on Sunday afternoon. The VIP ticket includes all of these and private events as well. 

Check out our EVENTS PAGE for more information!


The founder and President of the National African American Gun Association is Philip Smith, a graduate of the University of California at Davis. He is an African American gun enthusiast and community organizer. He started NAAGA with the primary goal to expose, educate, and motivate as many African American men and women, to go out and purchase a firearm for self-defense and to take training on proper gun use.

NAAGA was officially launched on February 28, 2015, in honor of Black History Month.


NAAGA’s vision is to EXPOSE African Americans to the importance of gun ownership and how the second amendment impacts them, to EDUCATE members about the rich tradition of arms among African Americans throughout history, to INSPIRE African Americans to be proactive about their safety, security, and skill development, and to ADVOCATE for the rights afforded to African Americans as full citizens of the United States to bear arms for home and self-protection.